We have a team of experienced and well-trained staff who are assigned exclusively to handle the work of our respective principals. The combined experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications of our staff make our compact team a formidable one that works fast coupled with flexibility and adaptability.

Specifically, our expertise, skills and experience cover:

  1. Destination marketing

    1. Promotion of the destination to tour operators, travel agents, MICE Planners and the general public.

    2. Joint promotions with travel industry partners.

    3. Motivating tour operators in selling the destination.

    4. Educational seminars for travel agents.

    5. Organising familiarisation trips for travel agents.

    6. Providing up-to-date tourism information to the trade and the public.

  2. Media and Public Relations

    1. Establishing contacts and building rapport with media representatives and journalists.

    2. Disseminating press releases.

    3. Providing tourism current information on the destination.

    4. Organising familiarisation trips for travel writers and journalists.

    5. Pitching destination’s story ideas to media.

  3. Sales

    1. Qualifying convention leads for principals.

    2. Signing up airlines for APG’s ticket sales settlement plan.

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