With over 1000 experts worldwide, dedicated to the airline service, APG Global Associates is “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services”.

APG Global Associates forged a global partnership with IATA in developing thethe IBCS program to bring the accredited travel agency sales channel, via local BSP membership to airlines, anywhere in the world. In order to give the airlines easy access to the huge US Travel Agencies distribution channel, APG Global Associates has a Sales and Marketing agreement with ARC of the US.

As airlines are looking for global presence, cost reductions and productivity increase, APG Global Associates has expanded to become a partner and a powerful platform in the travel distribution system, offering outsourced services in passenger/cargo marketing, sales, reservations, finance and accounting, fare filing, ground handling and consulting.

To ensure its clients receive both optimum sales coverage and professional competence, APG Global Associates invites only the strongest organization in each country or area to be a member. APG Global Associates members know their markets intimately and provide airlines with the most cost-effective means of market presence.

In 2009, with 64 Country Members and 20 Allied and Service Partners, APG Global Associates offer professional services in some 120 countries to 240 airlines. APG Global Associates act local but think global.

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